6 awesome optical projects at MIT

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More optics links we hope will spark your curiosity. Today’s batch: Six cutting edge optics projects from the innovators at MIT.

    “Femto-photography” can see around corners in Prof. Ramesh Raskar’s lab, awesome video and explanation here: CORNAR

  • CAT Scan
    Also from Prof. Raskar’s lab: CAT scan machines with no moving parts

  • CoDAC
    Prof. Vivek Goyal’s group is working on single-sensor depth cameras built on their CoDAC framework, using compressive sensing. In it, a light source is modulated by an SLM, bathing a scene in light that is captured in a time-resolved manner. The data are analyzed to produce a depth map with great economy of information: in one example, 205 64x64 SLM patterns are used to estimate a 4096-pixel depth map.

  • MIT Holography Museum
    Bonus! Visiting Cambridge, MA? Be sure to visit the collection of holography at the MIT Museum

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