a pickle that glows, & more tech changing lighting

Published by Optics for Hire.

Today’s batch: a pickle that glows and four more technologies changing the future of lighting.

  • Quantum Dot LEDs
    Brighter, more efficient LEDs are being enabled by quantum dots. An early backgrounder from Univ. of Florida (video), and technical information on QLEDs from our innovative neighbors, QD Vision.

  • Glowing OLED pickle
    OLED pioneer Prof. Vladimir Bulovic’ demonstrates OLED action in an electric pickle.

  • Fireflies Spark An Idea: Jagged scales increase light extraction
    Annick Bay from the Univ. of Namur found firefly structures that increase light emission in computer simulations. By incorporating these findings to prevailing manufacturing practices, LED lighting could see improvement in the coming years. Read more about it here.

  • Light For The Distressed
    “Light should be included… for victims of a natural disaster.” Two Columbia graduate students came up with an emergency light: LuminAID, an inflatable solar-charged lantern. When news of the 2010 disaster in Haiti broke out, LuminAID units were sent to areas that were hit. Watch to learn more.

  • Gesture-controlled interior lighting
    The firm ams AG discussed occupant-aware LED lighting at Touch Gesture Motion (Austin 2012).

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