The Edge Break Sensor

The edge break sensor is a compact handheld optical sensor prototype used by operators in the workshop environment to identify micron sized defects, without the time consuming processing of taking a wax mold and measuring that mold on a profilemeter. The system was designed and built in partnership with a large industrial manufacturer and is under going field testing.

System Description

The handheld sensor captures surface profile information, it works by projecting a pattern of lines onto the region of interest and then capturing images of that pattern for evaluation in software. Using LED optics, this pattern in created by projecting a LED through a grating (shown in green). The grating sits on a piezo stage which moves to three positions.

A second optical channel includes a camera with a zoom and focusing lens (shown in red). This optical channel collects three images of the grating pattern. These three images are used by a software application to extract profile information.




Requirement Numerical value Units
Measure radii max 0.050 Inch
Measure radii min 0.005 Inch
Resolution 0.0001 Inch
Absolute calibration 0.001 Inch
Measure straightness of facets 0.0005 Inch
Working Distance Handheld, contact  
Field of View at part 0.125 Inch
Exposure Times 1-100 msec
Supply Voltage 100 - 240 Volts AC/50-60 Hz  
Sensor Tips Provided Straight, right angle, fast change  
Battery Backup UPS with x hr capability  
Sensor Size 8 x7 x 3  w/handle  
Sensor Focus Manual  
Image and profile analysis platform Windows XP PC  
Sensor Controller Windows XP PC  
Sensor Interface Firewire  
Light source LED