Single coordinate linear scanner

Linear mirror scanner for phase light modulation. 

Possible application:

  •  interferometry
  •  optical coherence tomography


  • linear vibration stroke
  • tunable resonant frequency
  • parasitic angular deflection of reflected light less than 10 arc sec
  • Small size: width=16mm, depth=16mm, height=18mm


  • oscillation amplitude at resonant frequency - ~160um, at resonant frequency +- 50Hz - ~40um
  • resonant frequency range 280 – 350Hz
  • coil resistance: 2.2 Ohm
  • maximum current: 100mA
  • working wave range: upon customer request.
  • moving mirror working aperture diameter: 6mm

As a power source for this device it can be used standard sine vawe generator with tunable parameters. Regulated current up to 100 mA and resonant frequency range 280 – 350 Hz.

Single and Dual Axis Scanners Overview:

A client asked OFH to develop a low cost, moving coil design with LED/quad sensor position sensor, closed-loop servo feedback with electronic dampening. This product is not available as an off the shelf system but serves as an example related to past work.


Possible applications for scanning mirrors:

  • Interferometry
  • Surface roughness measurement
  • OCT
  • Doppler flow meters 
  • Scanning ellipsometer


Features of tilt mirror

  • Axis/jewel bearing suspensions allow for smooth motion
  • Built in optical sensors allow the user to monitor both axis of mirror motion
  • 1x1x1 to 30 x 57 x2 mm
  • Tested failure-free life of 2 million cycles

Single Axis Scanner

Dual Axis Scanner

Mirror Specifications

  • Mirror Angular Range (mechanical) +/- 100 (both axes)
  • Angular resolution 0.010
  • Frequency with mirror < 1000 Hz
  • Linearity 99% (for angles ≤ +/- 20)


  • Peak power 2 Watts
  • Feedback control S/N: 40 dB at frequency of 100 kHz, 60 dB at frequency 10kHz
  • Typical operating temperature 500C
  • Maximum operating temperature 800C

Controller, CPU Board

  • CPU servo controller board with closed loop position feedback
  • PC controls, communication protocol

Power Supply

  • + 5V DC
  • 0.4A Max

Mirror Substrate

  • Mirror substrate size = 30 x 57 x 2 mm
  • Coatings - to client requirement