Testing Imaging and Non-Imaging Lenses

Testing Imaging and Non-Imaging Lenses

Lens testing

OFH maintains a small metrology lab to test imaging and non-imaging lenses. Clients sometimes request testing of off-the-shelf optics or custom designs that require performance validation after manufacturing. OFH uses the ISO 12233:2000 ‘Slanted Edge’ method for our MTF test and also has a USAF test for visual quality inspection. You can read more about optics and lens testing in this article

Lenses that can be tested:

  •    Clear diameter   6-40 mm

  •    Length of lens 8-250 mm

  •    NA</= 0.5

  •    Focal length 4-100 mm

  •    Wavelength range 400-1000 nm

  •    Field of view +/- 45 deg.

  •   Refractive Collimator 400 mm EFL achromat, Light Source 1 % uniformity LED with homogenizer

Measurements made include:  

  •     EFL and F/#

  •     Back focal length

  •     Astigmatism

  •     Field Curvature

  •     Distortion

  •     Transmission

  •     Relative illumination

  •     Line of Sight

Our testing equipment and results

Testing Imaging and Non-Imaging Lenses 5

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