ZEMAX Ray Tracing and Optical Modeling

ZEMAX Ray Tracing and Optical Modeling

ZEMAX Sequential and Non-Sequential Ray Tracing 

The output of a ray tracing program is only as good as the skills of the engineer running it. Our team has decades of experience in optical design with ZEMAX. We have developed numerous custom macros and dlls to supercharge our modeling speed and accuracy. Makin a high-quality optical design with ZEMAX requires a strong understanding of physics and the experience than comes from having made hundreds of similar systems.  We work closely with the Zemax corporate team for beta testing new features and presented our custom tools at the Zemax Envision conference.

We use Zemax for all our optical designs including:

To support the imaging system and lens manufacturing, our engineering consultants use ZEMAX to design lenses, investigate and optimize optical systems, create lens production tolerances, and develop testing procedures.

After an optical layout is complete, our opto-mechanical engineers work with our optical engineers to ensure lens element centering and position tolerancing are maintained. This close collaboration delivers optical systems that meet performance goals, are manufacturable, and are cost effective.

What our clients say

Medical diagnostic client

Overall, I think these lenses have met or exceeded our expectations in every way.

– Medical diagnostic client

Semiconductor equipment client

Just as a note to your team, I was very happy with this design and system. It was more than I expected and it works very well. Great prototype and delivery was pretty fast.

– Semiconductor equipment client

Bar code device client

Optics for Hire was a great company to work with. At the time, I had no experience developing optical systems before, and OFH was able to guide me through the process of technical specifications through to manufacturing. They were fast and efficient, noting any concerns or limitations with the designs.

– Bar code device client

Industrial distance measurement client

I want to take this opportunity to comment how impressed I am with OFH. Your team is moving so fast, I feel like a turtle. Also, it’s been noted that every time we ask something, our question is promptly answered and your team often brings up aspects that we haven’t considered.

– Industrial distance measurement client

Medical device client

It was my pleasure to meet and work with the people of Optics For Hire. Our advanced ophthalmoscope is comprised of over a dozen lenses and required precise optical engineering and construction. It was not a simple project.

– Medical device client

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