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Opto Electronics Design | OFH
Opto Electronic System Design Services

Opto Electronic System Design Services

Oue Experience in Electronic System Design

15+ years

Delivering complex electro-optical systems

500+ unique

designs, for industrial, scientific and consumer industries

endless variations

of electronic products

Launch your product with highly experienced opto-electronics engineers. Our team has broad expertise and works directly with our staff of optical and mechanical engineeers to deliver turn-key prototypes

Frequently used components



Visible, Near IR and IR Drivers and Boards

Avalanche Photodiodes

Avalanche Photodiodes

Control Electronics to Maximize Clean Signal



Signal Enhancement



Photosensors including an LED and a photoreceiver

Motor Control

Motor Control

Drivers and power supplies for zoom, including stepper and peizo motors



S3096-02 – 2 element
S5980, S581 – 4 element
S2381 – single element
S4401 – 4 element avalanche photodiode



CCD and CMOS sensors based design and integration of complete cameras

What our clients say

Medical diagnostic client

Overall, I think these lenses have met or exceeded our expectations in every way.

– Medical diagnostic client

Semiconductor equipment client

Just as a note to your team, I was very happy with this design and system. It was more than I expected and it works very well. Great prototype and delivery was pretty fast.

– Semiconductor equipment client

Bar code device client

Optics for Hire was a great company to work with. At the time, I had no experience developing optical systems before, and OFH was able to guide me through the process of technical specifications through to manufacturing. They were fast and efficient, noting any concerns or limitations with the designs.

– Bar code device client

Industrial distance measurement client

I want to take this opportunity to comment how impressed I am with OFH. Your team is moving so fast, I feel like a turtle. Also, it’s been noted that every time we ask something, our question is promptly answered and your team often brings up aspects that we haven’t considered.

– Industrial distance measurement client

Medical device client

It was my pleasure to meet and work with the people of Optics For Hire. Our advanced ophthalmoscope is comprised of over a dozen lenses and required precise optical engineering and construction. It was not a simple project.

– Medical device client

After a design is complete, OFH helps clients find the right manufacturing partner based on required production methods and materials

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