Welcome to our open-source laser profile measurement program

The software is available for free at github and provided under GNU license. The program can analyze BMP and JPEG images of the laser spot.

Version 0.1.4 update

  • Pseudocolor upgrade
  • 3D visualization

Version 0.1.3 update

  • Divergence measurement code 

Version 0.1.2 update

  • data export direct to any version of Excel program

Version 0.1.1 includes the following features:

  • works with static images of laser and LED spots (static mode)
  • works with video stream of camera (dynamic mode)
  • defines 1/e^2 and FWHM laser spot sizes in static and dynamic modes
  • laser spot in false color
  • fast and slow axis beam sizes
  • automatic peak identification
  • manual set of reference point for measurements (manual button)
  • automatic adjustment of zero level
  • manual fine tuning of zero level
  • camera noise reduction algorithm
  • visualization of FWHM, 1/e^2 and zero levels on the cross section charts
  • selection of the scanning angle

Planned future updates include:

  • Additional ISO measurement algorithms
  • M^2 measurements with x,y stage
  • Downloadable mechanical files for neutral density filter holders
  • Example layouts
  • Software, drawings and materials lists for divergence measurements

Interested to collaborate? Have suggestions?  Please contact us.