Work History

Optics for Hire engineers have extensive research and development experience. Since 2002, we have designed, developed, and delivered a wide variety of products.

Some recent examples of our work include:

Illumination Design

  • LED streetlights Type II, III and V
  • Reflectors
  • Billboard lighting
  • LCD backlights
  • TIR lenses
  • Dental headlamp
  • Theatrical lighting
  • Pico projector
  • Aviation lighting

Imaging Lens Design

  • Reflectors, Collimators, and Light Pipes for Illumination Systems
  • Ophthalmoscope
  • Consumer Underwater Camera Lenses
  • Endoscopes
  • Night-Vision Camera Lenses
  • Photography Lenses
  • Custom objectives

Electronics, Software Design

  • Firmware and Electrical Board Design
  • Software Control Systems
  • Laser Drift Compensator
  • InGAs photo detector board
  • USB drivers
  • Firewire driver
  • RF system
  • High Power digital ballast
  • Computer vision tracking system


System Design, Prototyping

  • Laser Spectrometer
  • Optical surface measurement
  • Custom Laser Systems
  • Fluorescent Signal Processing Systems
  • Complete Optical Disc Drives
  • Optical Metrology Equipment
  • LIDAR system
  • Laser distance measurement system
  • Robotic distance measurement systems