World Class Electronics Design

If you have an Electronics Design Project, we can help!  Our electronics engineers focus on design and prototype electronics board development including RF design, software, and firmware control systems.

Our engineers work in a modern and fully equipped laboratory. They are professional designers who have developed a wide variety of products from consumer electronics to manufacturing equipment.

Sensors we have integrated into products and built boards for

Quantum Device

  • Photoreceivers 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 for visible range

Laser Components

  • IAE080x - IR avalanche photodiode


  • FD61010 IH range


  • Photosensors including an LED and a photoreceiver
  • AEDR8400
  • AEDR8320

Pacific Sensor

  • AD500-9 - single element avalanche photodiode
  • AD-LA-16-9-DiL18 - 16-element avalanche photodiode
  • AA500A - 4 element avalanche photodiode


  • S3096-02 - 2 element
  • S5980, S581 - 4 element
  • S2381 - single element
  • S4401 - 4 element avalanche photodiode


  • Prosilica EC1380 and Prosilica EC1350
  • Pixelfly
  • Pulnix TM1325CL