Expertise in ZEMAX Imaging and Illumination Systems Design

To meet your design needs, we have three seats of ZEMAX and one of FRED for optical and illumination modeling. We use SolidWorks and AutoCad for opto-mechanical engineering.

Good optical lens design is art as much as it is science. The optimized output of a ray tracing program is only as good as the input design. To fully take advantage of the features provided by ZEMAX takes years of regular use.  Your need for engineers with extensive design experience is met by Optics for Hire engineers who have used these programs as part of their daily work for 5-10 years each, and who have developed custom DLLs to speed up product design.

Designing in Zemax

Our mechanical engineers are experienced with zoom lens and multi element lens design. They work together with the optical engineers to ensure centering and positioning tolerances are met in an structure that is manufacturable and cost effective.

Check out our recent How to Create Surfaces on a unique technique for illumination design that was published in ZEMAX Users’ Knowledge Base. Below are examples of output images with ZEMAX.

Light spot created by LED streetlight

Scanning F-Theta lens

Wide angle TIR LED lens

LED projector with TIR lens

Microscopic objective lens