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OFH understands optics patents.

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-Rapid patent portfolio review for inventors and competitors

-Drafting invention disclosures for attorney filing

-IP landscape analysis including file-wrapper review

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Over 20 years of experience reading, analyzing, and drafting patent applications and invention disclosures.  Our customers hire us to review patent portfolios for acquisition and serve as an expert witness in litigation. 

OFH developed key autostereoscopic display patents.

You can expect groundbreaking expertise.

 OFH employees developed the world’s most substantial patent portfolio in 3-D holographic projection and holographic displays- acquired from Actuality Systems - and additional pending IP in the field of medical imaging for oncology:  

  • 7,525,541 Data processing for three-dimensional displays SOLD

  • 7,477,252 Processing three dimensional data for spatial three dimensional displays SOLD

  • 7,364,300 Theta-parallax-only (TPO) displays [image projection above conference-room table] click here for video presentation of this patent SOLD

  • 7,286,128 System and method for rendering data associated with a 3-D scene description SOLD

  • 7,283,308 Optical systems for generating three-dimensional images [wide-angle, many-view quasi-holographic display] SOLD

  • 7,277,226 Radial multiview three-dimensional displays [technical paper] SOLD

  • 7,221,375 System and method for generating dithering patterns associated with a digital image SOLD

  • 7,023,466 Three-dimensional display systems [3-D light field display] SOLD

  • 7,012,601 Line drawing for a three-dimensional display SOLD

  • 6,940,653 Radiation conditioning system [quasi-holographic 3-D display] SOLD

  • 6,888,545 Rasterization of polytopes in cylindrical coordinates SOLD

  • 6,885,372 Rasterization of lines in a polar pixel grid SOLD

  • 6,873,335 Graphics memory system for volumetric displays SOLD

  • 6,570,681 System and method for dynamic optical switching using a diffractive optical element SOLD

  • 6,554,430 Volumetric three-dimensional display system (Perspecta) [technical paper] SOLD

  • 6,512,498 Volumetric stroboscopic display SOLD

  • 6,489,961 Rasterization of lines in a cylindrical voxel grid SOLD

  • 6,487,020 Volumetric three-dimensional display architecture SOLD

  • 6,183,088 Three-dimensional display system SOLD

Pending: Optical Scanning Assembly - thin “sandwich” autostereo display, 198+ views @ XGA+ resolution, suitable for desktop or mobile 3-D [app. pub.note: representative images are Figs. 3] SOLD  

Pending: Super-resolution 2-D projection displays - getting 20 Mpixels from a 1 Mpixel SLM paper SOLD