Work History


Selected tools and technologies :  Zemax, LighTrans, Mathmatica, Matlab, Solidworks, Pro E. C, C++, C#, VB.NET, VBA, Python,SVN, Git, Perforce OpenCV, ARM, X86, Arduino, STM micro controllers , Atmel, NXP, Cypress, ADUC, , CPLD (Altera)

Our clients use OFH to research, design, prototype and commercialize imaging and illumination optical devices. We’ve help customers design and build everything from single prototypes for scientific research, to consumer products selling in the tens of millions of units. A much abbreviated list of past programs is shown below.


Examples of Projects


Illumination Design

  • US DOT streetlights Type II, III and V

  • Lightpipes

  • Reflectors

  • Billboard lighting

  • LCD backlights

  • TIR lenses

  • Dental headlamp

  • Theatrical lighting

  • Pico projector

  • Aviation lighting



Imaging Lens Design

  • Optics for self driving cars, LIDAR

  • Ophthalmoscopes

  • Underwater Camera Lenses

  • Iphone, Samsung Smartphone attachment lenses

  • DNA imaging systems

  • Flow Cytometer optics

  • Endoscopes

  • Night-Vision and thermal imaging lenses

  • Consumer photography lenses

  • Objective lenses



Electronics, Software Design

  • Autofocus electronics and algorithms

  • Analog circuit design

  • Digital circuit design

  • Motion control

  • Image Processing Algorithm development

  • InGAs, CCD, CMOS boards and drivers

  • USB, USB2, firewire drivers

  • Computer vision systems



System Design, Prototyping

  • Laser Spectrometer

  • Optical surface measurement

  • Custom Laser Systems

  • Fluorescent Signal Processing Systems

  • Complete Optical Disc Drives

  • Optical Metrology Equipment

  • 3D mappling and distance measurement systems