Custom Optics & Lens Manufacturing

Custom Optics & Lens Manufacturing

Design, Prototyping and Manufacturing of Custom Optics

OFH provides turnkey design and production of optical systems including lenses with mechanics and electronic controls. We support multiple production methods and volumes from 5 to 500,00 units

Custom Lens Manufacturing Stages

Documentation review: Lens Drawings should be drafted according to ISO standards (read more about lens drawings here), this will include material type, refractive index, tolerances for surface finish, thicknesses, coatings and more.

Molding or grinding and polishing of lens elements production methods are determined by production volume and complexity. OFH has a robust supply chain to support any production method and volume required. 

Assembly for each element including optical elements, lens barrels, and adjustment mechanisms. Correct air gap, tilt and centration must be maintained when building multi element systems. 

Lens Testing and validation: This might include measurement and testing of individual lens elements and/or completed assemblies. Mechanical properties will be measured and optical characters such as focal length, MTF and distortion may are commonly tested but optical testing is application specific add there is a wide range of possible metrology tests. 

What Our Clients Say

Medical diagnostic client

Overall, I think these lenses have met or exceeded our expectations in every way.

– Medical diagnostic client

Semiconductor equipment client

Just as a note to your team, I was very happy with this design and system. It was more than I expected and it works very well. Great prototype and delivery was pretty fast.

– Semiconductor equipment client

Bar code device client

Optics for Hire was a great company to work with. At the time, I had no experience developing optical systems before, and OFH was able to guide me through the process of technical specifications through to manufacturing. They were fast and efficient, noting any concerns or limitations with the designs.

– Bar code device client

Industrial distance measurement client

I want to take this opportunity to comment how impressed I am with OFH. Your team is moving so fast, I feel like a turtle. Also, it’s been noted that every time we ask something, our question is promptly answered and your team often brings up aspects that we haven’t considered.

– Industrial distance measurement client

Medical device client

It was my pleasure to meet and work with the people of Optics For Hire. Our advanced ophthalmoscope is comprised of over a dozen lenses and required precise optical engineering and construction. It was not a simple project.

– Medical device client

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