6 awesome optics startups

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More optics links we hope will spark your curiosity. Today’s batch: 6 Super Cool Optics Startups

  • Formlabs
    3D printing is redefining design and manufacturing but has so far had a limited consumer reach due to a hefty price tag. The innovators at Formlabs want to change all that. Form 1 is a 3D desktop printer that uses a laser found in Blu-Ray players to sculpt material. This MIT spin-off crushed its Kickstarter campaign goals - raising nearly $3 million on a goal of $100k - for personal 3D printers.

  • Lytro
    Lytro began with a question that inventor Ren Ng asked himself when he was taking pictures one day: Do cameras have to focus before a good image is captured? It is the kind of question that most people would’ve simply cast aside as trivial. (“Of course it has to focus! Duh!”) Dr. Ng thought differently and founded Lytro to allow focusing of camera images post-capture. Toy around with the selective zooming feature of Lytro and watch the images come to life! Also, see Raytrix, their competitor across the Atlantic.

  • Leap Motion
    Since the introduction of the Xbox Kinect, gesture-oriented technology has been changing the way humans interface with the digital world making it more intuitive. The hottest new start-up in the gesture area is is Leap Motion. See their controller in action.

  • Serveball
    Check out Squito, a multi-camera, accelerometer-rich ball from Serveball, for “in-flight reconnaissance and recreational photography.” Other optical innovations from Serveball’s parent company include Kayalu, a rugged kayak lighting system.

  • Bounce Imaging
    Named as one of the best inventions of 2012 by TIME magazine, “a ball with a mission.” Engineered to scope out its surroundings once thrown into unknown environments, Bounce is a plastic ball with internal cameras to aid individuals who risk life and limb in dangerous territories at home and abroad. [VIDEO]

  • PhotOral
    A device fitted with LEDs that delivers light at 455 nm to prevent onset of periodontal disease may well be poised to become a household item in the coming years. PhotOral harnesses the power of blue light to selectively kill pathogenic bacteria. In this video, co-inventor Dr. Soukos gives us the skinny on this exciting new product.

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