Holidays wouldn’t be the same without optics

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More optics links we hope you will like… Today’s batch: OFH’s optics for the holidays:

  • The atmospheric causes of winter halos: Explained by the always-excellent “Atmospheric Optics” site.

  • Bokode: You’ve seen “bokeh” blur, distant out of focus points of light in hundreds of Christmas light photographs – but have you read about Bokode, a method of encoding information as a function of ray angle?

  • Heart-shaped bokeh: A DIY photography trick to make your own heart-shaped bokeh

  • Check out this guy: He used his knowledge of optics to create a 15 foot tall laser reindeer at his home.

  • Comedy bonus, Conan O’Brien introduces a must-have lighting product! Rublight (NOTE: OFH was not consulted in the design of Rublight, if we had we would have offered suggestions for fixing the color non-uniformity)

Know some good ones we missed? Send us a comment and we’ll credit you in a future email.

Best Wishes in 2013!


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