Innovators in robotics

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Here is a quick sampling of local innovative robotics and tech companies that have us woo-hooing. 


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For those of you bent on bending a spoon with your mind, you might just get your wish with BrainCo’s Lucy Series. Using nothing but your intention, communicate with your gadgets and smart appliances donning their headband. If you suffer from amblyopia, a virtual reality headset in development by Luminopia can help your lazy eye catch up with your good one without resorting to eye patches or blurring eye drops. Alas, not a solution for wandering eyes. New View Surgical has combined four surgical devices for visualization and instrumentation into one for laparoscopic procedures.  That also means fewer instruments left behind inside patients’ abdomens. Tired of fighting over the thermostat? Embr Labs has designed a wristband that, with the press of a button, leads to a body wide thermal comfort by leveraging your nervous system’s response to rapid temperature shifts. As for weeds, they may have met their match with Franklin Robotics’ solar powered weed patrol robot leaving not a single cheerful dandelion blossom in sight.

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