OFH helps design LED device for infant jaundice

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OFH has designed over 100 custom LED optics and reflectors, including streetlights, flashlights and automotive lighting. But recently we helped out on one of our most compelling projects.

Design that Matters, a nonprofit focused on creating products to improve the services provided by NGOs in developing countries asked OFH to assist with a new phototherapy product.

Jaundice is a very common and easily treatable syndrome in newborn children, but when left untreated and in extreme cases brain trauma and neurological problems can result.

The solution is a simple light therapy. Exposure to 430– 490nm light breaks down the chemical which causes jaundice, and allows it to be excreted naturally.

We modeled the uniformity and efficiency of optics matched to a Seoul Semiconductor LED. Using the LED ray set provided by the vendor and the non sequential modeling tools in ZEMAX, OFH helped determine the number of LED’s needed, their optimal position, and best lens. Given initial production volumes and delivery time requirements, it was decided than an off-the-shelf TIR lens should be used.

The beta versions of the phototherapy system will be delivered to a partner in Vietnam in the fall of 2011 with initial commercial production planned for 2012.


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