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Optical, illumination and Electrical Engineers - Optics for Hire | OFH

Optical, illumination and Electrical Engineers – Optics for Hire

Career Opportunities at OFH

Full-time job openings: there are none at this time

Part-time and consulting partner openings: see below

OFH seeks candidate machine vision software engineering consultants for interesting “as-needed / on-call” tasks.

Keywords: machine vision, computer vision, image processing, biological image analysis, embedded, MATLAB, C, C++, edge detection, line detection, defocus, light field, Hough Transform, disparity map, imaging, sensor, optics, sunlight, depth map, structured light, LED

Needed: We are a Boston-area company that seeks a person or small team who can be relied on for short- and medium-term R&D and engineering tasks in machine vision, on an as-needed basis as such opportunities arise. OFH is an optical engineering consultancy, working on a range of groundbreaking client projects requiring world-class skill, innovation, and attention to detail. From time to time, OFH clients require machine vision algorithms. Past opportunities include: robotic sensors, DNA / fluorescence sensors, rangefinders, 3-D depth mapping, light field imaging, 3-D reconstruction, etc.

Ideal candidates for on-call work should have experience (as evidenced by portfolio, blog posts, research papers) in co-inventing, prototyping, testing, and ruggedizing software for image analysis. E.g.: dealing with real-world lighting (sunlight rejection or compensation), correcting or exploiting blur, structured illumination, blob detection, computerized cell image analysis, etc.

Prototyping in MATLAB or Mathematica is acceptable, but ideal consulting candidates would have experience porting such algorithms to a form suitable for high-speed execution on a host PC or embedded system for commercial products.

Please send us your CV and examples of your independent initiative and inventiveness, if you would like OFH to keep you on-file as an “as-needed / on-call” image processing expert.

Thank you!