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Optical Engineering Concepts 

Laser Rayleigh Range: A Detailed Explanation
Understanding objective lenses
How to specify a custom imaging lens
Cardinal Points
M squared and designing laser beam optics
How the Abbe Sine Condition impacts optical designs
What is Birefringence?
5 things engineers need to know about refractive index
Using RMS wavefront error to evaluate optical quality
How to read an MTF chart
Explanation of 4f optical systems
Interpreting Lens Spot Diagrams
Understanding Strehl ratio & wavefront error for optical systems
What is a rayset (rayfile) ?
4 Essential Opto-mechanical Design examples
Understanding image depth of field
Radius of curvature requirement in optical drawings
Introduction to Interferometers, theory and design types
Understanding optical invariants
Calcium Fluoride Glass: An Overview
Optical coating definitions and standards
Datum Surface In Optical Drawings
Surface texture requirement in optical drawings
How to read an optics production drawing

Optical Components

Imaging optical elements 

Understanding objective lenses
Anamorphic lenses
Confocal Microscope Optical Design
Fisheye Lens Design
Beam Splitters
5 Applications of Cylindrical Lenses
Types of Optical Prisms
When is a Risley Prism the best solution?
How Aspheric and Freeform lenses work
Uses of Sapphire explained; IR optics, laser optics, windows

Illumination and non imaging elements 

What is a rayset (rayfile) ?
TIR Lenses, 3 basic design concepts
RXI Collimator
Beam Splitters
5 Applications of Cylindrical Lenses
When is a Risley Prism the best solution?
M squared and designing laser beam optics
Fundamentals of Luminaire Design, LightFair
How does a light pipe overmold work?
How F-Theta Lenses work ( & when to use one)
PAPI Optical Design
Aviation Light Optic Design
Non-sequential ray tracing

Opto electronics 

4 ways signal noises impact optical devices
Which is better a CCD or CMOS image sensor?
Is higher sensor resolution always better?

Optical Design and Lens Design 

Conoscopic Lens Design
Koehler Illumination
Tessar Lens Design
Confocal Microscope Optical Design
Projection Lens Design
Fisheye Lens Design
Parabolic Mirror Design
Infinity Corrected Microscope Design
Apochromatic Lens Design
Select Design Considerations for Free-Space Optics
Optical Design Considerations for Underwater Optics
3 Strategies for Field Lens Development and Design
PAPI Optical Design
Aviation Light Optic Design
Powell Lens Design
Design considerations for microlenses and lens arrays
Designing optical systems with hot and cold mirrors
Fundamentals of Relay Lens Design
Types of Optical Designs used for Rifle Scopes
Steps for correcting chromatic aberrations in lens design
What are a ‘typical’ steps in lens design ?
Hiring a lens designer
How much does a custom lens cost?
5 wide angle lens design layouts
Simple optical device for defect detection
Common telecentric lens design layouts
Achromatic doublet design and optimization
Designing a custom spectrometer
How to start on a custom spectrophotometer design
Anamorphic lenses
Understanding diffractive beam splitters
Build your own portable polariscope
Distinctive design features of infrared optical systems
Lens attachment design, wide angle and telephoto lenses.
Infrared and thermal optics material selection
Infrared and thermal imaging design

Lasers and LEDs

M squared and designing laser beam optics
Laser Rayleigh Range: A Detailed Explanation
Laser and Adaptive Headlight Tech Explained
Light Source Safety Calculator
Lens array vs rod lens for laser beam homogenization
Variable spot size + color mixing optical system
Making LIDAR cheaper
LIDAR Lens Design
5 best materials for LED illumination optics
Advanced materials for LED optics
How to specify an LED optic
5 Optics & LED Newsfeeds You Should Be Reading
How To Design an LED Optic In Zemax
Simple system for laser speckle reduction
Reducing speckle noise in 3D mapping
Why spot and beam uniformity are not always equal

Optics in Medicine and Industry

Non-Contact Tonometers
Retinoscope Design
Keratometer Optical Design
Ophthalmoscope Optical Layout
OFH helps design LED device for infant jaundice
Patent pending methods for radioactive seed detection in prostrate brachytherapy
Medical Use of Photodiodes
Rigid Endoscope Design
Scanning and Fluorescent Microscope Design Steps
Scan Mirrors In Industrial Welding
Steering Mirrors In LIDAR Systems
Steering Mirrors in OCT
Steering Mirrors in Laser Marking
Innovators in robotics
In the eyes of the beholder: strides in computer intelligence
10 suppliers of off-the-shelf lenses
Lens attachments for smartphone cameras
The future of mobile optics, Apple patent filings
Rise And Fall Of Optics Patents At USPTO
How to specify a custom imaging lens
Stronger patents: surprising lessons from litigation and sale
Awesome optics startups-updated
5+ “No-glasses” 3D displays you should see
9 creatures with amazing ‘optical systems’
6 awesome optics-related smart phone tools
What we’re reading: 3D display advances
Mobile 3D is a top “Emerging Technology,” says MIT Tech Review
Great Science Events for Kids (Boston area)
Optics in the News – June 2022
Free multi-catalog lens search tool launched
Designing a custom macro lens for smartphone


Benefits of Multiphysics Design
Benefits of Zemax’s Black Box Lenses
3 key focus tunable lenses technologies
Can your lens vendor test your lens?
Object tracking with OpenMV
Difficulty of optical requirements for roadway lighting, ranked
Expanding Zemax Capabilities with User Defined Objects
Selecting a lens manufacturer
Holidays wouldn’t be the same without optics
Getting Started With Synthetic Aperture Photography
Enet meeting on bootstrapping, Nov 2
Short Course On Auto Stereo 3D
How to reverse engineer a lens.
Patent To Create 3D ‘Hologram Like’ Image


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